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Miss Linguistics is a Sydney-based applied linguist interested in all aspects of communication in society. She has worked in government and social services, English-language teaching and is currently an editor in health communications. Her honours thesis was about language and political correctness in the media.

Miss Linguistics hopes to make people more aware of language in general - how it's used in society, what common perceptions there are about it and also how our preconceptions and prejudices may get in the way when we're using it. She believes in the power of language and literacy to cross lots of boundaries.

Miss Linguistics loves learning about all different languages but her particular interests are cross-cultural communication, health literacy, 'plain' language, multilingualism, language policy and planning, and any area which falls under the umbrella of sociolinguistics. She links language-related articles to this site and comments on them from her perspective. She welcomes all feedback!


Read Miss Linguistics' review of Jila Ghomeshi's book Grammar Matters here, published on The Linguist List, 2011.

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